Untreated Cavities in the US

Cutting back on sugary drinks and unhealthy snacks that feed the bacteria that lead to tooth decay.


Do You Have a Dental Disorder?

A dental disorder is a disruption of your body’s natural process relating to your...

Dental X-Rays and Your Health

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What Causes Bad Breath

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How the Holidays Affect Your Teeth

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Living with Sensitive Teeth

1 out of 5 people have sensitive teeth. That's a LOT of people. What is the major cause of teeth hypersensitivity? Why should you be concern about them? Are they caused by bacteria or viruses? How do people get them? What are the symptoms? How can they be prevented or treated? When you should call … Continue reading Living with Sensitive Teeth

Recession is causing another kind of decay

Dr. Farid Noie noticed that as the recession has disintegrated the nation’s job and stock markets, it also caused another kind of decay. With the ongoing job-loss, more and more families are losing dental insurance or facing difficult choices about which costs are essential or capable of being sacrificed. Houston Dentist Dr. Noie noticed a … Continue reading Recession is causing another kind of decay